这里是willmouse,我喜欢Web开发 & 设计&冰牛奶

北京,22岁,在工作之余学习一个Web开发者应该掌握的技术,包括HTML,CSS,Javascript,Ruby,Rails and Mac。

业余时间除了学习技术,虽然我不会画画,也不怎么懂设计,但我也很喜欢欣赏漂亮的设计(deviantART and Dribbble)。



  • This site was made on a Mac from 100% natural HTML5, CSS & Javascript & is powered by Jekyll.
  • CSS styling uses Blueprint and LESS.
  • Javascript is built on JQuery.
  • Awesome lightbox is thanks to Fancybox.
  • Design, graphics & textures were done with Inkscape & the GIMP.
  • Comments are handled by Disqus.
  • Hosting is by Github.
  • All source code and content for this blog can be found on Github.
  • This site was written for, and displays best in, modern standards compliant browsers. This does not include IE6.

And of course, thanks for Dave to build all this stuff. i like your design *very* much!